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Logo Design

Logo Design

If you are designing a logo then here’s something interesting for you. Most of you might be thinking it is very easy to design the logo but the other side of it is in fact little bit crucial. A logo is the main concern that draws the attention of the users, therefore, it needs to be innovative and catchy. You would be surprised to know that they are millions of people involved in designing logos. There are different companies that also come up with innovative ideas to make the unique logo for any company. The tips given below will help you to become professional and designing your own logo in a creative manner.

#1:Give a Visual Double Entendre

This is a unique technique in which a single logo represents two different images in it. It should be designed in such a way that the Weavers should understand both the images instantly. Even though it seems pretty easy but it requires creativity to make an everlasting and innovative logo.

#2:Colour impact

You know the color of the logo is very much important as it is the way to Grab the attention. It’s too good to be true that even color conveys a lot. As red color symbolizes love in the same way they are few colors that symbolize something unique and specific. Therefore it is essential to consider the color of the logo as well. Few of the color guidelines given below will help you to understand the color pattern very easily.

  • Orange: creative, friendly, youthful
  • Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism
  • Green: Extension, natural, guiding
  • Blue: professional, health, tranquil, reliable
  • Purple:Psychological, clever, suggestive
  • Black: Strength and competitive
  • White: Purity, easy, simplicity
  • Pink: Attractive, entertainment, refreshing

#3:Be different

In this modern world, everyone Looks for something different and interesting. So people may be bored of the repeated concepts. In fact, they are logo designers who will make interesting designs for your websites as well. They make sure that the logos are not the replica of others.

#4:Try it Ownable

Ownable is most often heard in marketing strategies as a concept that gives the importance. Try to make the logo in such a way that you can complete it. This is something concerned to the above tip. If you are not a good at designing the logo then you can find lots of logo designers available online. So they can help you in resolving your problems and giving you a quite interesting solution.

#5:Choose custom type

As most of the people are interested in custom type you can even try such things. It not only gives uniqueness to your content, but also gives refreshed feeling when people look at your logo. This can help in making a different logo that sets you apart from others.


As most of the people are interested in custom type you can even try such things. It not only gives uniqueness to your content, but also gives refreshed feeling when people look at your logo. This can help in making a different logo that sets you apart from others.Once you’ve found an idea you like on paper, you then need to take it and try manipulating it on the computer with Adobe Illustrator.
This way, you can play with the precise layout, sizes etc. and get an idea of how different concepts work.

#7:Follow the dimensions

It’s quite simple as it is. Never tried to be beyond the dimensions or something more creepy. But at the same time being crazy can also work that depends upon the website for which you are designed the logo. You can even take some examples by considering few branded logos. Distance to do something peculiar and helps in balancing the logo with the approximate dimensions.

#8:Differentiate active and passive consideration

One who designs a logo should know about its active and passive considerations.
This good better help in judging what to do and what not to do.
To make your logo more attractive the logo designers will help you and become part of your business

#9:It should reflect the exact meaning

Make sure that your logo is in such a way that it clearly gives what it means. Be creative in such a way that people who look at your logo should understand what it is without going further. It’s a great idea for the designers who show the clients with different ideologies. In the same way, you can also analyze different logos and choose the best that easily reflects what you would like to promote.

#10:Learn from big brands

You can also take inspiration from big brands, but be very careful not to represent as it is. The brand impact has lots to learn about its logo.

If you are trying to design a logo for your company, why not you choose some of the branded logos and get inspired by them. Most of the multinational brands have unique logos and they are made by logo designers.

#11:Try to make combination

Lots of Companies will definitely give you an amazing logo. As most of the companies are following the street to make there brand to be number one. So it could be interesting if you can try a logo along with the tagline. This definitely has the bonus to your website thereby giving double promotion.

#12:Consider the feedback

It would be interesting if your friends or family give you feedback regarding the logo that you have designed. As it helps you in thinking many ways to satisfy them. And finally, you will come up with a very good logo for sure. Secondly, feedback also helps in motivating yourself to bring the hidden talent in you. So tried to create few logos and take feedback from your friends and then they will give you some good ideas. From that, you will get the best shot.



An internship is the best way to put classroom knowledge to practice.

Value of Internship for Students

The internship is very important for the students as it is the best opportunity to experiment and have a bright career. Even though they are a large number of unpaid internships available but some of the
best institutes are recognized with the true value of having good standards. In fact, there are many benefits of completing internship, which helps in building the academic standards and also lays the
foundation. Apart from all these the internship will help in building the individual development of composed teamwork, but also helps in learning more from each other. Additional it also provides the
students with the innovative spirit of exploring jobs that will easily help them to build a strong spirit to find the right jobs.

#1:Reasons why you need to do the internship

  • It is the better way to get a job opportunity as the employees would like to select the candidates who enter into the internships.
  • Helps in creating the friendly environment with each other so that you will have the basic knowledge how to mingle with employees or any organization.
  • In reality, people who have taken internships will have more value and are paid much more than others.
  • It is something like earning best institute credits towards your own educational standards.
  • The internship will help in making your career plan for a test drive that gives much more experience.
  • It is a best way to explore many things and know about the waste how to Course work for future job aspects.
  • It will build motivational spirit and create working habits.

#2:Knowing about industry

The students should understand the basic importance of internship and should examine each and every stage in it. They should also have the ability to question the step to provide them with the better opportunity
to get into valued internships. It can be even beneficial to interview the employees in order to ensure that the internship is very informative and useful. The students are also given stipend based training
for all the individuals so that they can have basic knowledge of what is going to happen when they enter into any company. This is an ideal way which determines your field of interest. You can easily
bridge the internship and make a platform to achieve your goals. It is given more easy to get the job and make your career to be a successful one. Remember that an internship is a way to get a job and
it acts as the address to drive to know your interest.

#3:Helps as networking

As already said internships are a great asset to build professional careers in all aspects. The best institute provides the best way to learn more things from the internship. And at the same time
it helps in building good relationships along with which the students can have a bright future. Making good relationships can help you when you get a job in any multinational sectors. The internship
as processed in the industry will give opportunity to learn about the employees working there and can also support in providing better job opportunities. If you can build your own standards including
hard work and the way to communicate with all the internship members then it creates a friendly environment. And its important to stay in touch by developing a network of contact. It is not only important
to establish a contact but also necessary to make sure that It stays for a long time. If in case you need any suggestions when you can contact them to know how to go further.

#4:Build your own resume

Before you enter into a workspace the internships will act as a great way to build your own resume in an interesting manner. And most of the schools intend the students to complete the internship and it
is made mandatory for few schools as well. Even if your school does not provide internship you can also go externally and explore your knowledge and learn more from the internship. In the resume, you
can make a brief note on what type of internship you have taken along with what sort of Ideas you have learned from them. Especially the skills you learn from the internship will grab the attention of
the company which may help in giving you better opportunity to be successful in their institute.

#5:A stepping stone to success

Most of the employees look for better ways to explore their job opportunities. And the companies also provide an internship in order to explore the potential capabilities of each individual. The recruitment
process will be very easy for them to understand who can survive in the organization. This could be something like an interview process for the company so that they can hear capable employees in their

#6:The future of internship

Most of the employees look for better ways to explore their job opportunities. And the companies also provide an internship in order to explore the potential capabilities of each individual. The recruitment
process will be very easy for them to understand who can survive in the organization. This could be something like an interview process for the company so that they can hear capable employees in their

Video Marketing







How video marketing is good for your Brand Promotion

It is now a full-on a swing for video revolution that has been drastically changed from traditional televisions to YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat and many more. It’s too good to be true that the videos have become part of everyone’s life.This has eventually made the video marketing rule the industry of digital marketing company. Under a survey, it has been estimated that more than 63% of business is revolving around video marketing only. In which approximately 82% business sectors are involving video marketing strategies to build up their business. Video marketing has become an added tool to the latest technologies. The customers can easily get attracted to a particular video advertisement that is the combination of things that is attractive, versatile and the same time easily shared with others.

#1:Highlights of video marketing are

  • Nearly 75 million people go for online streaming.
  • According to the word ‘video’ in an email subject line has come up with an increasing rate of 13%.
  • And it’s surprising to know that most of the video streaming are watched through smart devices.
  • In future, the internet video traffic will have drastic increase that draws the attention of about 80% of all the people in the world.
  • Most of the people get engaged with the videos with less span.
  • Video streaming websites, especially YouTube is used by 4,950,000,000 users daily.

#2:Why Video Marketing considered as important

As most of the people spend their time watching videos every day has led the video marketing to occupy the top chair. Therefore the video marketing strategy helps in increasing the brand value of the product or the service. And the basic importance of video marketing is to grab the attention of the viewers towards something that is advertised in the video and is done by a digital marketing company. The reasons why video marketing is considered as important factors are provided below.

  • Video streaming increases
    the growth rate of a business
  • This is the first and the foremost thing that video marketing can help any business. It’s really amazing that you can make lots of money with just a single video that has more number of viewers. In fact, videos can directly impact the sales rate of a product. Based on a survey, it reflects that 74% of people who watch reviews on YouTube tend to mostly by the product. This is because they find something interesting while they are watching the video which makes them purchase the product

  • It is a good return on investment-ROI
  • This is something you can never expect to happen in video Marketing industry. To prove this approximately 83% of business came up with profits in their sales by using video advertisements. You might be thinking that video advertisements or a digital marketing company do not charge much. It is completely wrong. They require huge amounts of investment, but has the capability to double your business standards. This is the main reason why most of the businesses are looking for video marketing strategies.

  • Increases trust
  • As already said people who watch a particular video or an advertisement will definitely get attracted to it. This, therefore, makes them purchase the product as it builds lots of interest and trust on the product. It is necessary that the video should be created in such a way that the visitors should get attracted to it. Relatively it’s an ideal choice to build trust among the buyers.

  • Google encourages videos
  • As videos grab the attention of visitors to a particular site Google loves to do so. At present Google is tied up with YouTube there for it affects the search engine rank of a website. It’s even more important to make sure in order to optimize a particular video on YouTube regarding the SEO is concerned. The digital marketing company adds interesting captions or titles in the video can also be a beneficiary. If somebody is searching for a particular thing in Google if you can add a link to a video that you would like to advertise then you will have lots of traffic.

  • Comfortable to stream on mobiles
  • In the fast forward generation, everybody uses their mobile devices to stream videos as it is a handy and a perfect device to do so. It’s estimated that up to 90% of people would like to stream videos through mobile devices only. And the YouTube has occupied the primary concern while streaming videos. Even video sharing has become one of the most happening events in the world.

  • Just a video is enough to explain everything
  • In the fast forward generation, everybody uses their mobile devices to stream videos as it is a handy and a perfect device to do so. It’s estimated that up to 90% of people would like to stream videos through mobile devices only. And the YouTube has occupied the primary concern while streaming videos. Even video sharing has become one of the most happening events in the world.

  • Video has the power to attract the laziest buyers
  • Video marketing is of product is also very helpful to attract a lazy customer. Because there are some lazy people who do not like to hear from their friends or relatives about any product. So they simply go to the video streaming website and start searching for the product. And if they find the product is satisfying them then they will definitely purchase it. Hence video acts as a tool to make everyone learn about the product and its reviews.

  • Social sharing
  • Just one single video can reach millions of people. You know it’s, in fact, the latest trend. It is not necessary that you should go to each and every visitor to exhibit your product. Rather than that if you can make a short video of your product and upload it then your product will reach lots of people. And 60% of social marketing strategies are based on videos.

  • Conclusion:
  • In the latest generation video advertisement is gaining more popularity as it is widespread. As it is fully technical incorporated with latest innovations that have reached each and every corner of the earth. And when it comes to the marketing strategies video plays a unique role. Apart from that creativity and well-designed video will definitely get lots of applause. So digital marketing company makes a creative video advertising, that can spread on the internet giving awareness to the people about a particular brand. And this is how the video marketing has proved its significance.

11 Best CSS Frameworks 2018

Best CSS frameworks

The CSS frameworks are gaining a lot of popularity in recent days. Andit is even more difficult to imagine a website without the use of CSSframeworks. With the advanced development, the CSS frameworks havecome up with advanced tools and revolutions.  The basic concept behindCSS is to describe HTML as a structural format. And is a format thateven provides style and design of the structure. It has even become oneof the major components in all sorts of web development and webcreations. In simple words, the CSS can be described as the style and the design of a particular website that definitely makes it more unique.In fact, there are wide varieties of CSS frames available for the webdevelopers so that they can utilize them in a more advanced way. Eachand every CSS frame has its own specialty and designing capabilities.One of the main reasons why they have become popular is due to theeasy accessibility and user-friendly interface. You will never find any website without the implementation of CSS or either CSS frameworks.It not only benefits the developers but also saves a lot of time while designing any website. They also have built-in facilities along with the mobile-friendly interface. Some of the CSS frameworks are given below so that you will have a basic idea of them.

#1 Bootstrap CSS framework

Bootstrap is one of the most popularly used CSS frameworks by the webdevelopers. It is too good to be true that Bootstrap has the greater standardized platform. Along with the implementation of unique style patterns, it also has most desired components in it. The Framework is easily supported in any type of browser and easily supports any sort of issues. The excellent user interface makes everyone to be found about it.The Framework is easily available for mobile users as well.


  1. It is very easy to use the framework.
  2. Available with lots of built-in features.
  3. It does not any adjustments in terms of pixels.
  4. Easily supported on any type of platform and Browser.


  1. The JavaScript is tied up with jQuery
  2. Is not compatible with HTML.
  3. It has many restrictions due to the standard set of selectors and grids.

#2 Foundation CSS framework

Basically, Foundation is considered as one of the extraordinary frontend CSS framework. Apart from that, it is one of the professional frameworks along with creative designs. It is easily compatible with any types of websites which can also handle multiple devices. SASS-stylesheet are much more compatible with foundation CSS frameworks.


  1. The finest customization framework available for the developers.
  2. It is uploaded with lots of templates and easily available codes.
  3. It does not require much time to download the templates.
  4. Easily supports the rapid development of a website.
  5. A robust development Framework with superior activities.


  1. Less complicated with the outstanding grid system.
  2. The codes available in the framework are difficult to modify.

#3 UIkit CSS framework

This is most popularly known for its lightweight version. This is the main reason why most of the developers choose UIkit while developing their website. Additionally, it is also known for its modularity that is well organized. With the different varieties of styles available in the CSS Framework, it provides different options for the users. The customized,as well as build in animations, make the framework to be unique and outstanding. All these features made it be one of the most flexible frameworks.


  1. Completely a lightweight version with front end Framework.
  2. Compatible with inbuilt features.
  3. It has the powerful web interface and the fast developing facility.
  4. It is very easy to learn and has different functionalities.


  1. Complicated with huge varieties of inbuilt features.
  2. The modification is one of the top jobs.
  3. Can be easily handled only by the professionals.

#4 Semantic UI CSS framework

A well-known CSS framework for Its easy user interface. Semantic UI also provides the developers with a vast range of customized options. The CSS Framework resembles Bootstrap that is officially supported by some of the external libraries like WordPress and angular. The main Principle behind the Semantic UI is to tag ambivalence, semantic and responsive. And is considered as an excellent framework to build any platforms.


  1. Elements of the huge amount of customizations available.
  2. It is very easy to load the components that you need.
  3. Completely well documented and beautifully designed.
  4. Very easy to use.


  1. It does not have the number of classes.
  2. The file size is extremely large.
  3. It is not suitable for beginners.

#5 Pure CSS framework

Pure is a simple CSS framework that is optimized and modular as well.Being a lightweight CSS frame it also provides a flexible variety of CSS modulus. It is an Ultimate CSS Framework, which cannot be replaced by any other. The amazing features include menu grids, responsive buttons and so on. It is completely based on CSS, which does not support any other extensions.


  1. It is a lightweight version with modular facilities.
  2. Facilitated with different features.
  3. Very simple and responsive as well.


  1. Javascript or Jquery are not supported.
  2. Difficult to understand for the beginners.

#6 Skeleton CSS framework

Being one of the lightweight versions it is also well known for its responsive frame building factors. The basic HTML can be easily supported by The Skeleton CSS framework. Ultimately, it provides a large number of templates and is badly designed for the developers concerning the purity of CSS frameworks. It can easily organize the file structure and the basic concerned to provide user interface configurations.


  1. Skeleton is very fast, easy to use.
  2. It has more specifications and web designs for the developers.
  3. Very light in weight and has the responsive grid.


  1. Consumes more time while dealing with new projects.
  2. Maintenance is the least bit difficult.

#7 Bulma CSS framework

An ultra-modern CSS framework that is even easier to understand for the new users. Recently it has gained popularity due to its multiple designing skills and developing communities. And is also one of the lightweight version that has customized options for the developers.Bulma is available with an integrated flexbox so that the users can design in a more fancy way. The features are not much interesting, but still, it has been used by many people.


  1. It is very light in weight.
  2. Completely featured with flexbox and interesting configuration


  1. Complicated for the beginners.
  2. The features are lagging behind other CSS frameworks.

#8 Cascade CSS Framework

It is one of the free CSS Framework that is used to create websites as well as web applications.Cascade CSS Framework is similar to that of bootstrap and foundation frameworks. The basic concept behind cascade is that it contains the wide range of HTML and CSS based interfaces. JavaScript is an exclusive extension available in cascade CSS framework. The supportive feature of the Framework in provided with responsive design.


  1. Easily understandable and very interactive.
  2. Easy for the beginners.
  3. Has supportive features.
  4. Constructive features include HTML and JavaScript supporting.


  1. Restrict the freedom of using templates.
  2. It requires extra time for coding.

#9 Layer CSS framework

This is a Framework that is mainly used for practical use cases. The Framework is available with small footprints as well as compatible. A lightweight and style oriented Framework that is specially designed for professional web developers. It is a mobile-first and full responsive grid system that is easily adapted for mobile devices.


  1. Professionally designed to use and easy.
  2. Preserves the native styles by default.


  1. It is a sensible by default.
  2. Recommended especially for mobile users only.

What is net neutrality?

Internet is built around the idea of openness. It allows people to connect and exchange information freely, if the information or service is not illegal. Much of this is because of the idea of net neutrality. If you like the current state of the internet, you should know about net neutrality. Many web users are aware of it. But if you are not, don’t worry. We explain it here:
Net neutrality is an idea derived from how telephone lines have worked since the beginning of the 20th century. In case of a telephone line, you can dial any number and connect to it. It does not matter if you are calling from operator A to operator B. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a restaurant or a drug dealer. The operators neither block the access to a number nor deliberately delay connection to a particular number, unless forced by the law. Most of the countries have rules that ask telecom operators to provide an unfiltered and unrestricted phone service.
When the internet started to take off in 1980s and 1990s, there were no specific rules that asked that internet service providers (ISPs) should follow the same principle. But, mostly because telecom operators were also ISPs, they adhered to the same principle. This principle is known as net neutrality. An ISP does not control the traffic that passes its servers. When a web user connects to a website or web service, he or she gets the same speed. Data rate for Youtube videos and Facebook photos is theoretically same. Users can access any legal website or web service without any interference from an ISP.

What is Responsive Web Design?

All jokes aside, responsive website design is more or less the ability of a web site to adjust to the size of the screen it is being viewed upon; VERY important as there are so many different devices that users currently use to view your website content . A smartphone version may be tighter and cleaner, with less embellishment, but it is still a fully functional version of your website accessible to your customers. With a variety of devices in all shapes and sizes, it is in your websites best interest to be a little flexible.
In most cases, your existing website can be altered to enable modification to different devices– sometimes it is simply a smaller version of the existing site, and others involve moving the data to maintain readability. Responsive design can be categorized as “smart” technology that can sense the size of the screen you are using to view it and adjust itself to fit desktops, laptops, tablets, netbooks and smartphones.
Responsive design is a must have for sites that get a lot of traffic from mobile devices. If your site is difficult to use, it will lose potential customers who don’t have the patience to wait. Is there really a benefit to using this design instead of standard design methods? You bet! Responsive web design helps ensure that your website will look just as great on a smartphone or tablet screen as it does on a computer monitor. Responsive design is compatible with all browsers from Safari to Firefox, IE and Chrome and that is important since people use different browsers for different devices.

Why your website has to be mobile-friendly

The goal of having a mobile friendly website is to offer an optimal experience on whatever device screen your potential visitor is using to find your website. Along with the increasing number of mobile users, there are several other reasons as well which you cannot ignore. You never know from what device a person uses…

Attract traffic to your website

SEO can help your website attract traffic. There are several different types of internet marketing strategies that can attract targeted traffic to your website. When the number of visitors to your website increases, there are greater chances of them being converted into your customers.

Corporate Website Designing

Corporate websites are the most professional websites designed to increase sales through enhancing communicating with your consumers. The more exciting will be your website the more are the chances of gaining consumers. However, corporate websites do not have much visual attraction, these are concept driven that appeals wide audience for your products and services.
Get The Ones You Expect!!
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We meant to provide complete satisfaction of clients with all our efforts. Our Corporate Website Designing Company provide pocket friendly Corporate Website Designs that will help you provide ultimate success in your business. We, the corporate website design company Chandigarh will help you gain the grand recognition of your brand in the market. Our Website Designing Services services are all we have to serve you. We provide timely results of our services through providing best of our knowledge in your business. We render cost effective service without compromising in the quality of work. We are the leading corporate website designing company providing maximum price for your money. Try our expert corporate website design services this time and enjoy its high benefits in your business!!

11 Good Reasons Why Should You Have a Website

Why Should You Have a Website?


At the end of 2011 about 245 million people (~80% of population) were online in the United States and about 10% of all website access was being done through mobile devices. In an interconnected world, it’s more important than ever to have a great website. Let’s look at 10 reasons why you should have a top notch website…

1. Establish A Presence

More and more people are looking for services and products on-line than every before. Peoples’ habits are changing. People move to a new area and very often rely solely on the Internet to learn about the new area, research and find out who to go to for what.

Many people research and find their homes and jobs over the Internet. Most people are coming to expect that any professionally run business will have a web site. With a well-designed site your small business becomes a real player both on and off the net.

Add your web address to your stationary, business cards and other advertisements and you’ll have visitors knowing exactly where to go for answers to their questions and where to send their friends to for great service.

The more people know about you and your company the greater the chances you have for attracting new customers. More is generally a good thing when running a business, unless you’re talking about expenses!

2. More Advertising for Less Money

With a web site you can have pages of full-color advertisements that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You get to present yourself and your services to your customers using many descriptive pages, images, interactive elements, etc. This tends to build peoples’ trust, which in turn, makes them more likely to purchase your products and services.

3. Bolster Your Current Ad Campaign

Include your web address in your current ad campaign and people will turn to your site for more information. Gathering more information is often a first response to a well-run ad campaign. With your site address listed in your ad, you will have people coming to YOU to get that information and your services. A better return on your advertising dollar is another great reason to add a website to your marketing tool arsenal.

4. Save Time with Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Online

Do you spend time answering the same types of questions for each of your clients? Well that may never stop but there may be some hope! With a web site you can put the answers to these frequently asked questions online and have your customers visit these pages for a little self service. You can even email them out a link to these pages. Your customers will appreciate the knowledge that you will be providing them and it will not require much more additional time than sending them an email or recommending that they read your Frequently Asked Questions page.

5. Educate Your Customers

The first step of any sale is getting the client familiar with what you are selling. In this day and age more and more people are looking on the Internet to get the information they need to make educated buying decisions.

Include articles of interest telling your potential clients about your services. When they call you to discuss your services, half the sale is already done; you’ve already given them your “pitch”. You will even save time (and money) because the ones who do call are interested, warm (and sometimes hot) prospects, not just someone calling to gather information.

6. Get Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways for small businesses to get new clients. On your web site you can add a “refer a friend” link where your current clients (or just visitors) can send your link to a friend who may be interested in your services. This will increase your number of referrals and make it easy for people to refer business to you.

7. Create a New Customer Base

Did you ever notice that many people who use the Internet do so in place of the old school, traditional methods (newspapers, yellow pages, etc)?

With a web site you will be able to reach a whole new segment of potential clients that may have missed your current ad campaigns. A good, informative web site will attract many people who may not have heard of you otherwise.

8. Get Email

With your web site you will also get email addresses for your business. On your site will be a link where people will be able to email you for additional information. This is a fast and effective form of communication that enables you to communicate very efficiently with potential customers. Time is money in a small business; with email you’ll be saving both.

9. Establish a Relationship with your Clients

People generally prefer to do business with people they “know.” On your site you will give people the opportunity to get to know your business (and perhaps you) and feel more comfortable with you. Once this is established they will be more likely to want to do business with you as compared to the other, similar company whom they know nothing about.

A picture or profile of you or your associates will make you more real to the client and make the client more likely to contact and communicate with you. Post some informative videos and get active with social media and you’ve taken the concept to a whole new level.

10. Gather Contact Information

A traditional printed newsletter can be an expensive and time consuming promotional action. With printing, postage and time spent, the costs can add up fast. With a web site you can have people who would like to receive your newsletter send you their email address. You can then email your newsletter to all of the people in your database, automatically! You don’t need to pay for printing or postage for these newsletters. Continual contact with prospects is a proven tactic which directly leads to more inquiries and sales!

11. Beat your competition and boost your sales

competitionStay competitive, if you’re in business then you are in a competition. If your rival has the power of the web, shouldn’t you also? Whether you sell products or services, an excellent website created by Cygress Limited will increase your sales. Many small businesses who do have websites, have poorly designed sites that often detract from the image of their company. Our professionally designed sites are guaranteed to elevate your business image.

How to Disable right click using jQuery

[fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”px” paddingbottom=”px” paddingleft=”px” paddingright=”px” menu_anchor=”” class=”” id=””][two_third last=”no” class=”” id=””][/two_third][one_sixth last=”yes” class=”” id=””][/one_sixth][/fullwidth][fullwidth backgroundcolor=”” backgroundimage=”” backgroundrepeat=”no-repeat” backgroundposition=”left top” backgroundattachment=”scroll” bordersize=”0px” bordercolor=”” borderstyle=”” paddingtop=”px” paddingbottom=”px” paddingleft=”px” paddingright=”px” menu_anchor=”” class=”” id=””][aione_text]

Method 1

You can find many java script code snippets to disable right click. But jQuery makes our life easy. Below jQuery code disables the right click of mouse.

        return false;

We just need to bind the contextmenu event with the document element.

Method 2


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Website Re Designing

Darlic provide a amazing way of increasing your business through attracting more consumers, the online way. Internet offers the grand platform to the various business organizations to present their wide range of products and services to the wide audience in order to gain more consumers. Designing a website can help you for the purpose and provide extreme service in the field. Only a unique website design can help you get the required recognition in the market.
Let Us Design Your Website With An Effective Impression…
We are the leading Website Designing Company in Amritsar – India, Punjab & Ludhiana providing our creative and professional services in the field. We employ the most experienced professionals in the field, contributing their immense knowledge in fulfilling the website designing requirements of the clients. Web Designing Company India are committed in providing timely delivery of work without compromising in the quality. Our Best Website Designer experts deliver promising website that will help you attract audience in the coming years. Our creative web designs also include user friendly navigation which is great for involving more visitors to the website.
Our Website Designs Are
Unique, Engaging and Creative
Customer Driven and Industry Specific
Reflective of Your Target Audience
When we redesign the website in Darlic it provide the best results in order to provide complete satisfaction. The most important thing is that we offer our expertise skills and the superb designing at the most affordable price as per the committed standards. We are specialized in designing websites that makes your brand stand out and establishing unique identity. We are the acknowledged website designing company Punjab, having the leading marketing experience in the industry and provide our full support in achieving the goals of your company with full commitment towards our work.

Professional Website Design

Your brand is all that you stand for and it should be represented as effectively online as it is off. Abalone design team will ensure that your website looks and feels exactly like it should do.
By following a clear design process, Abalone deliver websites that answer your needs both functionally and aesthetically. With regular consultation with yourselves and the team at Abalone, your site is designed specifically to your requirements. Alongside this, we provide you with our knowledge and expertise of the online environment, gained from years of experience in design for web and best practice, both functionally and visually.Abalone Web Solutions prides itself on delivering websites that work seamlessly and which represent your company in a professional and accurate manner in the online space.
Abalone offer a cost effective solution for companies and individuals seeking the very best in professional web site design and customer service.
The global marketplace that is the web is now saturated with businesses all competing for the attention of potential customers and it is more important than ever to have a website that is professionally designed and visually striking. Abalone Web Design Chandigarh can help your company maximise the benefits of an online presence by ensuring that your web site meets every expectation of its visitors.
We have the dedication and knowledge to ensure that our clients receive only the best service and end result.

Responsive Web Designing

Abalone are changing with the times and have started creating ‘Responsive Design’. A responsive design is a website that can be viewed on any screen, basically the responsive website will stretch or minimise to fit any type of device, from a small smartphone device screen right up to a projector screen! Content on your responsive design website will change automatically depending on the size of screen that you are viewing the responsive website with. If you are using a smartphone all of the content will align down the centre of the screen enabling simple touch activation to go to the required section.
Benefits of Responsive Design
With over 1 billion smartphone users at large, the need to have a responsive design that is compatible on these devices is growing. The benefits are enormous as mobile website statistics are now showing that by the year 2015 over 80% of internet users will be browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets. By thinking ahead your business should be thinking about these statistics, if you don’t have a website which has been made with a ‘responsive design’ you could be missing out on all the extra interest in your products and services.
Make it easy for your mobile customers to find information. Responsive web design allows your website to adjust to different layouts for a variety of different devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Mother’s Day Alert! How to Make A Free Online Card for your Mom

How to Make A Free Online Card for your Mom At Mother Day


Let’s get started:

1. Pick a Template:

With a personal greeting card, you want to keep it as simple as possible. Choose a template that consists of a single page, like these. Alrenatively, you can work with a blank template and simply add images and your personal text.

2.Add an Image Gallery:

Nothing says Mother’s Day more profoundly than a collection of beautiful family photos. In the Darlic editor, you can find a variety of image galleries to use, and then upload your photos easily

3. Write from Your Heart:

The main message of this card should be the personal words you want to share with your mother. Be ready with a text that expresses your love and gratitude. If you’re preparing a card not just from yourself but from siblings as well, ask each of them to contribute their own text to the project.

Business Themes

Great Online Tools for Small Business Owners


Running a business operation, even a small-scale one, comes with a continuous flow of daily tasks and challenges. Even the most organized and effective manager will find it difficult to juggle all the various assignments simultaneously without seeking some assistance. Luckily for small biz owners today, it’s not the struggle it once was. Online business tools are constantly becoming more sophisticated and valuable. Now more than ever, small businesses are turning to the web in search of reliable and cost-efficient tools that maximize activities such as bookkeeping, marketing, customer retention, project management and more.
If you want to make sure that your business improves in productivity; if you want to save precious time and resources; and mostly, if you want to increase your profit potential, utilizing the best online business tools should become a regular part of your business strategy.
This post introduces 10 tools that can work wonders for your small business activity. Some are free and some are well-suited to the small biz budget. Give them a try and tell us what you think.