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Welcome to Our Documentation. Here You will learn How to make a website. Just Follow the simple steps and Launch Your business with a powerful Website

Step 1.Choose a Domain Name

The first step in making a website is to choose your domain name. A domain name is what you are going to call your website. To get a domain you have to register that name each year for a fee. For Example is my domain name. Getting a domain is only the 1st of three things required to make a website, you also need web hosting and a website builder.

Step 2.Buy Hosting

The second step in making a website is to buy the hosting. Your website needs to be connected to the internet so people can see it. You need website hosting to do that. After you purchase website hosting, step 3 shows you how to use to make your website. Website hosting packages can cost between $100 and $200 per year. We recommend a company OXO Solutions that charges $58..

Step 3.Use Darlic to create your website

Many of the website builder are there still WordPress is what I recommend to build your website or blog. WordPress is the software that is used by many professionals to make their website. I may be biased but WordPress is the best platform to build your website on. It accounts for about 25% of all new websites in the world and is currently the most popular CMS (Content management system – which means you can edit your content easily) in use on the Internet. It is ideal for people who know nothing about making a website. Plus, WordPress is free. Webjoin provide you this website builder to create your website.

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