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Darlic® provides a complete customizing option to suit your desires.

Lightning Fast

Your website loads in a blink of an eye

Our R&D team of Darlic® website builder has made it possible to reduce website load time to 1.8 seconds without using any kind of third-party plugins and tools.

Highly Secure

Protected by 7 layers of security

Darlic® is a safe home for your website. Whether you are a developer or you know the pain of losing information and credibility if your website gets hacked. Darlic® secure website builder keeps your website safe.

Reliable Platform

Websites that work without the internet.

Yes! you heard it right, Websites created with the Darlic® platform are Progressive Web Applications and the user can still access your website even if his internet fails.

Mobile First

Avoiding responsive websites will let you ensure a

comfortable web journey for exploding web mobile users. Mobile-friendliness is another factor used by Google as a ranking signal.


Customize as much or as little as you want

Darlic® website builder, mobile app builder, and progressive web application builder provide a complete customizing option to suit your desires.

Application builder

Build powerful applications in the easiest way.

Darlic® mobile application builder’s Custom Field Integration creates custom components taxonomies and custom fields.

Professional online support

Get round-the-clock technical support.

Our Technical Support team is composed of individuals that are able to troubleshoot most problems that user experiences.

Search Engine Friendly

Google loves websites created with Darlic®.

Darlic® SEO friendly website building platform is tuned and optimized as per search engines to lets you have quality traffic.

Robust Cloud Architecture

Helps you to gain higher performance projects.

Saves time for developers from routine tasks and ensures faster time-to-market for projects.



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